Pattarapongpung Singkhamharn

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  • Ph.D. Candidate at Law School, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
  • Barrister-at-Law, Institute of Legal Education, Thai Bar Association, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L.), Delhi University, India
  • Bachelor of Law (LL.B.), Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand

Professional Qualification

  • received lawyer’s license since 2000
  • has been registered as Notarial Services Attorney qualified to certify signatures and documents.


  • Thai Bar Association
  • Lawyers Council of Thailand

Work Experience

  • Dean of Law Faculty, Institute of Technology Ayothaya, Ayuthaya
  • Lawyer and part-time Law Lecturer (Subjects: Constitutional Law , Criminal Procedure Law, Business Law, Labor Law, International Trade Law and English for Lawyer) at universities
  • Legal Director, ECO Energy Group Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • Legal Manager, Asia Investment, Development & Construction Sole Co., Ltd. (AIDC), Viengtiane, Laos
  • Legal Manager, Thai Mart Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • Legal Manager, CJ Express Group Co., Ltd.
  • Lawyer, Insaaf Law Firm, Bangkok
  • Lawyer, The Legalist International Law Office Co., Ltd., Bangkok
  • Legal Assistant, Justice Law Co., Ltd. Nonthaburi


  • 10th to 12nd August 2013 has completed the Hypnotherapy Course and has successfully passed the examinations.
  • 14th July and 20 to 22nd July 2013 has completed the Hypno – NLP Course and has successfully passed the examinations.
  • 11st to 13rd November 2005 participated in the Madhavrao Scindia Memorial International Moot Court Competition 2005 organized by Faculty of Laws, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, India.
  • 20th June to 2nd July 2005 participated the Fourth Summer Course on International Law organized by the Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi, India. Lectures were delivered on many subjects such as Public International Law, Private International Law, International trade and Business Law and International Institutions.
  • 21st March 2005 attended the seminar on “WTO and its impact on the Legal Profession” organized by Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi association with the Bar Council of Delhi, Delhi-110007, India.