LitigationWe provide  litigation services countrywide either representing the plaintiff or defending the defendant in the court for civil or criminal case and case relating laws in specialized field.

1. CIVIL LITIGATION We provide general services for civil and commercial cases e.g.

  • breach of contract and claim for damages
  • loan, guarantee, mortgage, pledge
  • concealed act
  • sale/purchase, hire-purchase
  • partnership, company, bill
  • tort and claim for compensation
  • family, divorce and division of matrimonial property
  • estate, testament, motion for estate administration
  • eviction
  • hostile possession, right of way, easement
  • consumer case, real estate cases

2. CRIMINAL LITGATION We provide range of services in criminal case including charging or defending the case for all kinds of offence and at all levels of proceedings from inquiry official and public prosecutor to the trial and higher courts. Our services also include obtaining the release on bail for the suspected or the accused in all levels. Sample of cases covered by services provided by us including:

  • murder
  • battery
  • libel
  • rape
  • offence relating to taking away a child or minor
  • larceny
  • embezzlement
  • false pretences
  • robbery
  • forgery
  • narcotic substance
  • offence relating to firearm
  • offence relating to gambling
  • offence relating to cheque
  • offence relating to car accident etc.


Labour Case We also have expertise in litigation and defending labour cases such as:

  • action against employee to recover tortuous act against committed against employer
  • demanding employer to comply with labour inspector’s order
  • demanding employer to reinstate employee
  • requesting for dismissal of labour relations commission’s order or
  • claiming for compensation, remuneration in lieu of advance notice, damages due to unfair termination of employment etc.

Administrative Case We provide litigation services for dispute between administrative agencies or state officer and private sector or individual e.g.

  • administrative cases such as unlawful order withdrawing voting right in general election or unlawful suspension order given by head of unit etc.
  • cases relating to land e.g. refusal to consider a request for issuance of title deed by the land office, or negligence by officer against the invasion to public way or land or issuance title deed upon such public way or land etc.
  • cases relating to expropriation and tort e.g. unlawful disbursement of compensation for expropriation, damage to private property resulted from construction in public area etc.
  • cases relating to personnel management, welfare and professional matters e.g. unlawful transfer or relocation order, unlawful appointment or removal order, unlawful disciplinary action, unlawful suspension or withdrawal of professional licence etc.
  • cases relating to building control and annoyance e.g. unlawful construction permit, negligence by competent officer to enforce the law against those causing annoyance to the public and surrounding community.

Taxes Case We provide tax counselling and planning services covering personal income, corporate income tax, withholding tax, value added tax, specific business tax and customs tax, tax computation review and litigation services in the Tax Court.

Intellectual Property Case We provide litigation services including defending the cases relating to intellectual property e.g. case relating to trademark, copyright, patent and dispute arisen from technology transfer agreement or licensing agreement etc.